Hans Volker Klapdor-kleingrothaus, Geraint F. Lewis's Dark Matter In Astroparticle and Particle Physics, Dark PDF

By Hans Volker Klapdor-kleingrothaus, Geraint F. Lewis

ISBN-10: 9812814345

ISBN-13: 9789812814340

Darkish topic continues to be one of many crucial mysteries in glossy physics, even supposing glossy astronomical observations and particle physics experiments are delivering important clues in uncovering its real nature. The Dark2007 convention introduced jointly world-leading researchers in either astrophysics and particle physics, supplying them with a chance to give their most modern effects and have interaction in dialogue on their that means and destiny course. This publication is critical in its box, because it offers an important photograph of the likely disparate parts of darkish topic examine and offers an outline of present principles and destiny instructions.

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The ring at 4 kpc (inner ring) coincides with the ring of dust in this region. The dust is presumably kept there because of a gravitational potential well, which is provided by the ring of DM. 20,21 Followup observations22 found that this structure surrounds the Galactic disk as a giant ring (observed over 100 degrees in latitude) at Galactocentric distances from 8 kpc to 20 kpc. Tracing this structure with 2MASS M giant stars,23 suggested that this structure might be the result from the tidal disruption of a merging dwarf galaxy.

Incicchitti, R. Marcovaldi, D. Prosperi, DAMA proposal to INFN Scientific Committee II, April 24th 1990. March 6, 2008 7:36 WSPC - Proceedings Trim Size: 9in x 6in 01˙Bernabie 17 7. A. , Phys. Rev. D 33, 3495 (1986); K. , Phys. Rev. D 37, 3388 (1988). 8. D. Smith and N. Weiner, Phys. Rev. D 64, 043502 (2001); D. Smith and N. Weiner, Phys. Rev. D 72, 063509 (2005). 9. R. , Int. J. Mod. Phys. A 21, 1445 (2006). 10. R. , Phys. Lett. B 389, 757 (1996); Phys. Lett. B 408, 439 (1997); Il Nuovo Cim. A 112, 1541 (1999); P.

Phys. 10, 203 (1999); Astrop. Phys. 13, 215 (2000); Phys. Rev. D 62, 056006 (2000); Phys. Rev. D 63, 125003 (2001); Nucl. Phys. B 608, 461 (2001). 26. K. Belotsky, D. Fargion, M. V. Konoplich, hep-ph/0411093. 27. R. Foot, hep-ph/0308254. 28. S. Mitra, Phys. Rev. D 71, 121302 (2005). 29. M. 0982. 30. M. 3095. 31. C. Arina and N. 4477. 32. A. 0553. 33. R. , in preparation. 34. R. , in the volume Frontier Objects in Astrophysics and Particle Physics Vol. 90, 581 (2004). March 19, 2008 14:43 WSPC - Proceedings Trim Size: 9in x 6in 02˙deBoer 18 THE DARK CONNECTION BETWEEN THE EGRET EXCESS OF DIFFUSE GALACTIC GAMMA RAYS, THE CANIS MAJOR DWARF, THE MONOCEROS RING, THE INTEGRAL 511 keV ANNIHILATION LINE, THE GAS FLARING AND THE GALACTIC ROTATION CURVE W.

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