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By Jean-Maurice Vergnaud

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Numerical research of subject move is a space that pharmacists locate tricky, yet that is a strategy often utilized in getting ready managed drug free up and oral dosage varieties. This booklet offers transparent and easy info allowing the reader to hold out numerical research of topic move - an essential processs whilst the formula of oral dosage types with managed drug unlock. The drug is dispersed in a polymeric matrix both biodegradable or now not, the root of that is the move of the liquid and the drug via dosage shape. details in this diffusion is located both via mathematical remedy while the matter is easy, or via numerical research for extra advanced difficulties. Professor Vergnaud demonstrates and clarifies those, modelling the method of drug supply through the use of numerical research and computerization. A simulation of the method is supplied, including a decision of the results of all parameters, and the writer makes use of either mathematical and numerical versions to foretell the coaching of recent dosage varieties capable of fulfil particular stipulations.

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21 Non-steady state with a high coefficient of matter transfer 29 - Partition factor of the diffusion substance If there is a partition factor for the diffusing substancebetweenthe solid and REMARK 5 the surrounding atmosphere,it is expressedby K = $, ext where C, is the constant concentration on the surface. This concentration is also the concentrationrequired to maintain equilibrium with the surounding in which the constant concentrationof diffusing substanceis C,,. - Infinite value of the coefficient of matter transfer on the surface The caseof a constantconcentrationon the surfaceis obtainedwhen the coefficient of matter transfer on the surfaces of the sheet is infinite, as shown in the following relation : REMARK 6 F=h(C,-C,) where C, is the concentrationon the surface,which is always equal to C,, h is the coefficient of matter transfer on the surface(cm/s), andF is the flux of matter through the surface.

2 04 ’ . 2. Concentrationdistribution at various times in the sheetof thickness2 L, with uniform initial concentrationCh and constantconcentrationC, on the surfaces,various valuesof the dimensionlessnumber E. 39) C,,t-C, = %. ~cosnnn-l . sin?. n=l 2 - . + -. c smy. L n=l exp[ -FDt]. exp -yDt i Jlf(x’j, i sinqdx’ Mathematical 34 treatment of diffusion in a plane sheet [Ch. 3. Membrane of thicknessL, with uniform initial concentrationsCh, and constantconcentrationson each surface : Ci for x = 0, and Co for x = L.

S2) and to consider only half the thicknessof the sheet,0 I x I L, instead of the condition x = L, C = C-J for t > 0. exp(-pt)&=$ x= L Sec. 56) is given by eqn. 1) This hyperbolic function can be expressedin terms of negativeexponentialsand can thus be expandedis a seriesby using the binomial value. explqxl+exp(-qxl Gp. CO exp kd . [ 1 + exp (- 2 9 L)] C=:[exp(-q(L-x)+exp(-q(L+x)]. t(- l)n. 58) c=$o. g( - l)? exp(-q(2n+ljL-x)+:. g(-l)“(-q(2n+l)L+x) n=O n=O As the Laplacetransformof erfc x i i-75 .

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