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Jewish mysticism has lengthy interested and intrigued students and truth-seekers of each style. Kabbalah, the esoteric knowledge of Judaism, and chasidism, its extra obtainable sleek counterpart, were the sublect of unending examine and study. An genuine and scholarly English textual content that attracts upon the total spectrum of conventional Jewish resources is a Most worthy addition to this learn. during this three-volume sequence, Rabbi Schochet, provides a sweeping survey of the key subject matters and ideas present in kabbalah and chasidism, and convey how the exoteric and esoteric features of Torah supplement one another in a fashion analogous to physique and soul of 1 entity.Volume 3: Chassidic Dimensions - sure rules and ideas - like that of common Ahavat Yisroel, cohesion, the determine of the Rebbe-Tzaddik, and the belief of a "joyful disposition," are so strongly pointed out with chasidic proposal that many don't observe that they derive completely from Talmud, Midrash and different vintage traditions.

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42. ik~iteiSichot,vol. 11, p. 299f. "Limbs of the Shechinah" he inter-relationship of Israel implies, then, that divisiveness mutilates and blemishes the wholeness of Israel in general, and of the individuals involved in particular. Moreover, it affects the G-d-Israel relationship as well. Just as one Jew is affected by another, so, too, as it were, G-d is ~ 'affected' by Israel. G-d refers to Israel as t ~ r n a t i l 2"which means, so to speak, 'My twin' . Just as when one twin suffers pain in the head, the other feels i t also, so, too, as it were, the Holy One, blessed be He, said,'lY'1 am with him in t r ~ u b l e .

See K~izary1:95. Cf. umishpat, ad lo<-. 70. Bt~rachot57a. T h e version in Erwin 1Va and Chagigah 27a, is "even the poshim (rebels;willful transgressors - see Yonza 36b) among you. " 71. Kashi on Shir Hashirim 4 : l . 72 72. See Sefer Ha'uracbrnz-Cbabad, vol. 1, s . l J . Ahavat Ylsrael, p. 616ff. ) o n t h ~ sdtsr~ncrion and ~ t s ~ m p l ~ c Ions. ar Part Two: The Philosophical Perspective VIII Unity of G-d and Israel he philosophical aspect of Ahavat Yisrael entails two intricately interwoven considerations: (a) the bond of the G-d-Israel relationship, and (b) the bond of the interrelationship between the members of the people of Israel.

Joseph Gikarilla, Ska'arei Orah, end o f ch. 2. 1.. Ahavat Yisrael, note 178. 100. Shei~u'ot39a. 101. See R. Dov Ber o f Mezhirech, Likrrtei Amarim, sect. 177, and O r Torah, sect. 248, interpreting areivim zeh bazeb (surety one for the other) as me'urauirn zeh bazeh (intermingled and intermeshed one with the other). 102. Tomer Deuorah I:4. thus explains the reason why he recited the full text of the liturgical confessions of sins notwithstanding the fact that it refers t o transgressions he had never committed.

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