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75 Bolt branch if you want. © Wichita State University Assembly Design - Constrain & Manipulate, Page 43 CATIA Assembly Design CATIA® V5R6 Since you wanted the modified bolt to be saved as a different part you had the extra step of renaming the part and the instance name. This procedure works well as long as you remember to save the part while in the part design workbench so it updates all of the links. You could have modified the part outside the assembly if you wished. 25 Bolt and constrain it to the pivot between the two heads.

Together. This option will allow you to position or “snap” two objects Select the centerline of the head and the top of one of the handles. Notice that when you went to select the top of the handle the centerline appeared. Notice the series of green lines and arrows. Selecting these will reverse the direction of the snap and will flip the part in various ways. Use these to orient the head properly to the handle. Selecting anywhere on the screen will release the snap motion. Notice no constraints were applied when using the snap.

Notice the white box that is displayed around the hand grip. This is called the Manipulation Bounding Box. It allows for simple movements of the parts within the assembly. , General, Display, Navigation Tab, and the option Display manipulation bounding box. Select and hold the first mouse button on any one of the white lines and drag the hand grip. Notice the hand grip moves in the direction of the line. This is a nice method to quickly manipulate your parts to various locations. However, the part cannot be rotated using this option.

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