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Lycopene is a bright red pigment belonging to a carotene class. Among all carotenoids lycopene is one of the most effective quenchers of singlet oxygen radicals. 6). While not exhibiting pro-vitamin activity, lycopene demonstrates strong antioxidant effects due to conjugated double bonds. 6. Lycopene. 42 Jaroslava Švarc-Gajić Lycopene is an important intermediate in biosynthesis of other carotenoids. Among 72 possible geometric isomers cis forms have the bent form, whereas trans are linear molecules.

Anthony's Fire due to burning sensation in extremities that was provoked by damaged blood vessels. Far back in the history it was observed that grazing on grass infected with ergot alkaloids caused the abortion in pregnant farm animals. The first bioactive effect that was linked to ergot was the ability to induce smooth muscle contractions. In traditional medicine the fungus was adopted as oxytocic to perform abortions and to accelerate uterine contractions of women in labor. Since dosage could not be given accurately due to large variations in active ingredients, as well as due to numerous side effects, such as violent nausea, vomiting and uterine rupture, ergot was abandoned as oxytocic drug.

8%) and red yeast rice, a rice fermented with the mold Monascus purpureus. Similar compound, Pravastatin, has been isolated from Nocardia bacterium. A synthetic derivative Simvastin, was produced based on the identified structures of lovastatin and pravastatin, and nowadays it has an established place in medicine as a blood triglyceride-lowering agent. A macrolide lactone with immunomodulating properties was isolated from Streptomyces tsukubaensis. 5), an immunosuppressant used after organ transplantation.

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