Dana Desonie's Atmosphere: Air Pollution and Its Effects PDF

By Dana Desonie

ISBN-10: 0816062137

ISBN-13: 9780816062133

My son had to do a document on worldwide warming and pollution. I picked this e-book up as a result of its fresh book date. The e-book is especially good performed. the knowledge in it truly is up to date and offers many real-world examples. As a pupil, it engages my son's curiosity and he even learn extra of the e-book than he needed to for the needs of his document! As a mother or father, i used to be subjected to many days of "Hey mother, did you know....." It used to be cool. i love any technological know-how books that could interact young children. This you can.

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Not JUst latitUde If latitude were the only factor controlling climate, all locations at the same latitude would have the same climate. A look at the following 3 36 Atmosphere table of latitude and climate shows that this is not the case. Although a traveler on a summertime road trip across America at 33°N would be warm all along the way, he or she would go from the warm and breezy California coast at Long Beach, through the sweltering Arizona desert in Phoenix, to the dripping mugginess of Atlanta, Georgia.

The circuit described above is a convection cell. Warm air rises to make a low pressure zone, cool air sinks to make a high pressure zone, and air moves between the two. Something else happens to air as it rises or sinks. Warm air can hold more moisture than cold air, so as warm air rises and cools, it is able to hold less moisture, which may result in precipitation. On 17 18 Atmosphere A radiator in a room warms air that rises to the ceiling, where it cools and then sinks, creating a convection cell.

Global Wind Belts The Coriolis effect modifies global air circulation so that there are six atmospheric circulation cells, three in each hemisphere. At the equator, air behaves as described in the section on atmospheric circulation above. Warm air rises, creating a low pressure cell, and then moves toward the poles at the top of the troposphere. As the air advects poleward, it is deflected by the Coriolis effect—to the right in the Northern Hemisphere and to the left in the Southern Hemisphere.

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