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Some filters have a system of a tank, a slow agitator, and a feed pump DE-coated that does this. Mixing of the DE and water must be Inlet septa slow to avoid pulverizing the DE, so you should carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for frequency of operation and feed-pump speed. In Outlet older models of DE filters that don’t have automatic æ Cross section of a pressure DE filter. feeders, the DE must be added manually. 37 3 How Filtration Systems Work Ñ Regenerative DE filter 3 How Filtration Systems Work Vacuum DE Filter Do you see problems with your pool water?

Filter needs backwashing. Although a slightly dirty filter works better than a clean one, a very dirty filter will lose its effectiveness. Ñ Heavy bather loads. The filter sometimes can’t keep up with removing all the fine particles. To avoid the problem To fix the problem Ñ Check your pump operation and filter gauges frequently so you can fix any problems before water quality is affected. You also can use organic polymers to clean up fine particles in the pool water. These chemicals, when distributed on the pool’s surface, neutralize the polarities of particles and cause them to clump together in larger (but still not visible) pieces.

Flow meters are usually inserted into a pipe after the filter but before the chemical feeder. The best location is wherever there’s æ Variable flow meter and a digital flow meter. 20 (continued on page 22) Valves System Works 2 How a Pool Circulation Various types of valves are used to control water flow in a pool system. They All gate valves each have different types of handles and methods of opening and closing. work the same A gate valve controls the water flow by rotating a solid flap inside the way, so a handy pipe.

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