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By Laura E Pla

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ISBN-13: 9780827024519

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He urged various churchmen to preach the cross in France, and, as we have seen, he himself took the lead by proclaiming the crusade at a number of centres that he visited during his lengthy itinerary around southern, central, and western France in these months. He also dispatched letters and embassies beyond France, many in an attempt to control the response to his crusade summons. Urban had intended that the crusade army should consist fundamentally of knights and other ranks who would be militarily useful.

The crusade was proposed as a devotional act of pilgrimage, and therein lay its attraction. The religious culture of medieval Europe can seem strange to modern observers: it should be borne in mind that much of what is nowadays regarded as distinctively Catholic is the product of the Counter-Reformation. The subject is, moreover, vast. Nevertheless it is possible to isolate some of the elements which help to explain the attraction of crusading. One fundamental feature of peoples religious drives was that they were conditioned by reactions to sin and an appreciation of its consequences.

THE CONSEQUENCES OF SIN: an angel locks the damned, including kings and clerics, in Hell. The nakedness of the damned is an indication that sexual behaviour, which the Church tried to limit, was seen as one of the principal routes to sin. By way of contrast, it was believed that Heaven after the Day of Judgement would be populated by people free from sexual drive. Left. THE CONSEQUENCES OF SIN: the tortures of the damned. The expectation of eternal punishment, comprising pain far greater than any sensation felt during this life, was widespread and potent.

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