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Is there any substratum below the name of anything? need we postulate any such basis? All is Spirit-says the Kabalah-and this is eternal, uncreated : intellectual and sentient on our plane; inhering are life and motion; it is self-existing, with successive waves of action and passivity. This Spirit is the true Deity, or Infinite Being, the "Ain Suph," the Cause of all causes, and of all effects. " The Universe is an immanent offspring of the Divine, which is manifested in a million forms of differentiation.

Malkuth is the Inferior Mother, the Bride of the Mikroprosopos. Daath or Knowledge is the union of Chokmah and Binah, of wisdom and understanding. Merkabah was the Chariot Throne of God of the vision of Ezekiel mentioned in his chapters i. on wheels and was carried by Four Cherubim, the Sacred Animal Forms, which resembled the Man, Lion, Bull and Eagle, which were related to the Four quarters of the World, and to Four types of humanity. .... • - D I! ALAH The Four Letters Yod, . never be uttered by the common people, and whose true pronunciation has been for many centuries Confessedly lost to the Jews and has never been known to the Christians.

The Hebrew letters are also associated with the Twenty-two Trumps of the Tarot pack of cards; these cards have been much used for the purpose of divination. The Gipsies of Southern Europe use these cards for Fortune-telling. The French author, Count de Gebelin (1773-1782) declared that these Trump cards as mystical emblems were derived from the magic of Ancient Egypt. Occult Science allots each card to a Number, a Letter and a natural object or force-the Planets, Zodiacal signs, elements, etc. "The Sanctum Regnum of the Tarot Trumps" edited by myself can be consulted.

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