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By Charles S. Hyneman, Donald S. Lutz

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American Founding and structure

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17. ). —Societies of Christians act an imprudent Part, to trust their public [26] Affairs to those who pay no Regard to their holy Religion,—who disbelieve it,—whose Tempers and Lives are manifestly inconsistent with it. Christianity fairly proposed, has sufficient Evidence, to engage the assent of upright, impartial Minds; and there is reason to distrust the Capacity or Integrity of the Person that rejects it:—While he behaves well, and lives honestly, he ought peaceably to enjoy the Protection of Government; yet it is a Reflection upon Christians, if they are obliged to chuse Persons of this Character into places of great Trust.

All but a few paragraphs are reproduced, some modernization of spelling and punctuation occurs, and words in brackets have been added to ease the understanding of the text. 1. Q. in The Boston Gazette and Country Journal for April 18, 1763. " When this liberty is once destroyed it is to very little purpose to enquire how it was brought about; but before that is done, it is wisdom to guard against whatever has a tendency [19} [20} BOSTON, i 763 to it, in order to prevent it. Among many other things of this nature and tendency, the entrusting the same gentlemen with legislative and judiciary power, or the power of making laws and judging of them after they are made, has been warmly objected against in this paper.

J's inference that it is constitutional because it has sometimes been a fact, I take to be inconclusive. His argument, therefore, a fortiori, with regard to this province, upon which he builds so much, must fall to the ground. This writer [J] says that to assert that "there can be no liberty where he who exerciseth the executive power has any share in the T . Q . AND J . legislation" is a mistake because [says J] the King, who has the sole exercise of the executive power, has also an essential share in the exercise of the legislative power, normally that of rejecting.

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