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By Hal Marcovitz

ISBN-10: 1622930177

ISBN-13: 9781622930173

Did your ally get a better grade than you probably did on an examination? Did your brother get the most recent cellular phone if you are nonetheless caught with an analogous version from years in the past? Do you're feeling like men are consistently attempting to scouse borrow your lover clear of you? you cannot keep an eye on what people do, yet you could keep watch over the way you react. A JEALOUS GUY'S consultant makes use of real-life examples and quotations to demonstrate the explanations of jealousy and envy and the way they have an effect on your physique and feelings. Take a quiz to find in case your jealousy is taking on your lifestyles, and examine what to do—and what to not do— to accommodate it.

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Jealousy may reflect a person’s view of him or herself,” says Jo Anne White, professor of education at Temple University. ” People with low self-esteem tend to become jealous easily. The term self-esteem refers to the way you feel about yourself. If your self-esteem is low, you are unhappy or annoyed with yourself, or you don’t think your life is valuable. On the other hand, if you recognize that people love you for who you are and value your opinions, beliefs, and values, you have high self-esteem.

As much as he liked Dan, Todd envied his friend because he had better athletic ability and a favored position on the team. Todd wished he had his friend’s athletic skills as well as his popularity with the coach and other players. Todd was also feeling jealous because Dan had a new set of friends—the other top players on the team. People who are jealous fear losing a relationship that is important to them. They are often hostile and suspicious toward the people whom they believe are trying to take that relationship away.

Support. Be there for each other—as a shoulder to cry on when life is tough and to celebrate with during the good times. Fairness and equality. You take turns, whether choosing which new movie to see or whose friends to hang out with. You are both willing to compromise. Separate identities. Keep up with hobbies, friends, and interests. Neither of you should have to pretend to like something you don’t, give up seeing your friends, or drop out of activities you love. Good communication. ” Learn to communicate honestly and openly with your girlfriend.

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